Do you keep telling yourself that you want to go out there and learn how to fight and undergo harsh training, battle, win, earn respect, get confident?
BUT before joining a dojo and investing money…You really need to ask yourself “what do you want out of it?”
-Do you want Fighters Fitness?
-Do you want Fighters Fame?
-Are you just influenced by action movies?
-Is it self defense that you need?
-OR do you just love the Art of Fighting?


There are many people who come to me heavily influenced by my achievements in Martial Arts and curiously start talking to me about how they want to make a career in Martial Arts and their background in MMA. So, I am writing this to help people out with a better understanding of what they are talking about.

I definitely encourage people to learn how to defend themselves. It is a must skill to acquire. Having said that

The Neglected Truth of MMA :
Ask yourself if are you willing to break, tear your bones and muscles everyday and return to your world of hectic responsibilities?
It is not just the fights that injure the fighter it is the tough training he goes through everyday. Strength,stamina,speed,endurance,resilience,mental stability cannot be achieved in a blink of an eye, it takes patience & perseverance.
When building muscles in the gym the idea is to break the muscle fibers so that they recover better and stronger. Similarly in Martial Arts the same concept is followed for bones,Face,ribs,forearms,shin etc So the fighters undergo minor fractures to build stronger bones . Apart from conditioning, intense weight lose and weight gains are also a factor.

A fighter only gets some fractions of second to analyze, decide and come up with a perfectly timed counter, a perfectly executed move in a Fight

The Mental pressure is the toughest opponent in this field and so support and motivation play a very important role.
You have to understand that Martial Arts is not everybody`s cup of tea. There are other interests out there.
Even after understanding all this

If you are planning to Learn the Art Of Fighting because there is nothing else that excites you as much, because you just love the Art then in conclusion,
Determine what you want out of it
Train the required amount
And achieve what you desire.

All The Best !!

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